Warren Buffet

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Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet was born on August 30, 1930. He is one of the most financially and personally successful businessmen of our time. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Hathaway, a multinational conglomerate holding company, which is based with it;s headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska; Buffett's hometown. His net worth is around $60 billion, and increases with every passing minute. I chose to write about Warren Buffett because he is a person I have always been quite interested in. He is such an incredibly smart and savvy businessman, but he is also a philanthropist. Buffet (2006) announced that he planned to donate more than 80 percent of his wealth to a handful of private charitable foundations. He has gone
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He has made, and continues to make unbelievably wise and successful business choices, many of which would not be possible if he was not well versed and educated in the field. "Berkshire is buying the railroad company Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation for $26 billion" (Buffett, 2009). He chose to purchase the entire company even though he already owned a large 23 percent of it. He held on to a theory that he had learned from one of his professors, which he used in his future to become the successful entrepreneur that he is today. Buffett really is an incredible role model and inspiration. It does not matter if you are interested in stocks or the medical field, Warren Buffett has overcome criticisms and followed what he thought he should do to become a success. He is now one of the most wealthy and affluent people in the world. Instead of showing interest in the stocks that were popular at that time, or going along with the numbers in the market, he took risks with his investments, and that is something that I have always admired about Warren Buffett. He showed a passion for numbers and finance from when he was just a child, and followed through with that, graduating with an impressive degree from Columbia University. Understanding

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