Warren Harding. Warren Harding Was Our 29Th President And

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Warren Harding

Warren Harding was our 29th president and took over administration after Woodrow Wilson in 1921. Warren Harding was a weak leader for our nation and is considered to be one of the worst presidents America has seen. While in office Harding was involved in multiple scandes, affairs, and criminal activity. Warren’s strategies on things such as domestic affairs, foreign policy, and executive orders expose how weak of a leader he really was and can explain why he was a bad president for the U.S.

Warren Harding was born in 1865 on a farm in Ohio. Warren Harding, a Republican, began his political career in 1898 by winning election to the Ohio senate. Harding was Ohio’s lieutenant governor for 2 years (1904-1906), and was later …show more content…

Their Republican platform condemned the Wilson administration for its handling of World War I and opposed the League of Nations. On trade and immigration, Harding and Coolidge advocated a higher protective tariff and supported new immigration requirements. Overall, they promised to return the nation to more normal times, like those prior to all the out of control drives for reform that had begun in the 1890’s.

During Harding’s presidency there was a lot of economical issues that needed to be fixed. A source said, “His biggest issue was the economy, which was suffering from World War I and its aftermath. The soldiers came home in 1918 and 1919 and faced an 11.7 percent unemployment rate in 1920”. This explains that our economy was falling apart and Harding need to come up with a plan to fix what was falling apart quickly. Harding proposed a plan to reduce government spending, pay down the national debt, and reduce tax rates. This was the Harding economic program. A source states that, “Harding had done nothing except cut government expenditure, the last time a major industrial power treated a recession by classic laissez-faire methods, allowing wages to fall to their natural level,” (An economic lesson from Warren G. Harding). Harding had an easy going personality and overall wanted peace and love throughout the nation. This was not a bad quality to have, but as president Harding had a hard time saying no to people and taking a strong

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