Warriors DonT Cry Analysis

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In Warriors Don’t Cry, Melba Patillo Beals writes about her own struggles during her year long journey of integration at the all white Central High School. Melba signs up to become one of the first African-Americans to integrate, eventually joining eight others in attending Central High School. Melba wages a war fighting against racial injustice during a time when racial tensions were at an all time high. Melba, along with the rest of the Little Rock Nine, encounters harassment, hate, and bigotry while attending Central High School. During her tumultuous year at Central High, Melba relies on her courage, patience, and faith to overcome the hate that lies within Central High School. In order to survive at Central High School, Melba develops courage, which helps her in multiple encounters. In one case, Melba defends herself against a boy in the hallway. During chapter twelve, a boy grabs Melba and shoves her against a locker. Melba quickly realizes that she must defend herself as she remembers one of India’s sayings. “If a fellow’s got so little manhood that he’d hit a woman, it’s up to that woman to relieve him of what few morsels of masculinity remain.” (142). Melba then kicks the boy in his genitals and flees. By doing this, Melba feels empowered by having defended herself. In addition, Melba shows courage again in chapter ten. While she is in a bathroom stall, a group of girls trap Melba and throw flaming wads of paper at her. In an act of self defense and courage,

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