Was Julius Caesar Honorable

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Brutus was Caesar’s best friend, yet he worked to find a way to kill Caesar. Is Brutus really an honorable man? In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus was dishonorable by being untrustworthy and my betraying his own best friend.
To start off, Brutus was a back stabber. He murdered his best friend, literally stabbed him. “He joined in a conspiracy against his best friend” according to Encyclopedia Britannica (¨Marcus Brutus¨).
It is not honorable to stab your best friend and kill him. When Caesar trusted Brutus, Brutus was conspiring to kill him. Caesar was shocked to be stabbed by his “best friend”. “And you too Brutus? In that case, die Caesar” (3,1,84) is what Caesar said after Brutus stabbed him. I think he was saying that since his best friend was now against him, he might as well be dead.
So, Brutus was in fact, dishonorable. If an entire country is in agreement with an action you took, but then so easily persuaded against you, does that …show more content…

In Antonyś speech during Caesar’s funeral, Antony said many times ¨Yet Brutus was an honorable man.¨ (4,3,96) Brutus thought of the good of Rome and the people of Rome before himself. Britannica Encyclopedia (¨Marcus Brutus¨) says, ¨Though he is Caesar’s friend and man of honour, Brutus convinces himself that Caesar’s death is for the greater good of Rome.¨ Brutus was in total distress whether or not to join the conspiracy, but he was thinking about Rome going into tyranny.
Honorable men do not murder their best friends. Antony was a loyal friend who defended Caesar even in death. Caesar was already stabbed when Brutus stabbed him three more times. Which Brutus did not need to do.
In conclusion, Brutus was dishonorable because even though Brutus wanted to save Rome from the tyranny of Caesar….. Brutus, Cassius, and the other conspirators could have found another way to do so. Brutus gave in to the manipulation of Cassius in the play, The Tragedy of Julius

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