Was Ronald DeFeo the Murderer of His Mother, Father, and Siblings?

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Have you ever wondered whether “Amityville Horror” was based off of a true story? One night Ronald Defeo was claimed to have killed his family and then run off. But what if it wasn't entirely his fault? What would you do if voices told you to kill your family to the point that you were driven insane? What if you thought that if you didn't kill your family they were going to kill you? Would you make the decision to get rid of all of your problems by pulling the trigger on your parents? Ronald DeFeo was the murderer of his own family, he even admitted it himself after being questioned by police. But was there something more that pushed him over the edge? Ronald Defeo wasn’t helped in his murder spree by a supernatural or a paranormal presence, he did it all by himself. When Ronald DeFeo, nicknamed Butch, was younger he was abused by his father and bullied by his peers. At school the children made fun of him and at home his father yelled at him when he didn't stick up for himself. This might sound like nothing too serious, but it resulted in violent bouts. Butch and his father first just shouted at each other but soon it resulted in physical battles. When Butch's father realized this wasn't normal behavior, he took him to a psychiatrist. But his son insisted that there was nothing wrong with him. When Butch grew older he turned into a drug addict, had criminal records, and kept guns in his closet, making it easier for Butch to shoot his family. One night, when Butch got

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