Was Socrates A Threat To The Athenian State?

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The Greek philosopher, Socrates, was believed to be guilty by the Greek politicians whom charged Socrates with impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens, to which the sentence was capital punishment. Yet, Socrates was not a threat to the Athenian state because he was an atheist or because he negatively influenced the Athenian youth. As Herodotus once said, “Custom is the king of all”, and physically and mentally, Socrates challenged the ideas of the Athenian elite. Socrates was a threat because he questioned society and those in power.
“… [Do] I deserve to suffer…because I…neglected what occupies most people: wealth…, the position of …orator or the other offices, [and] the political clubs…? ...I did not follow that path that would have made

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