Was Suleiman Considered a Good Ruler?

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Suleiman was considered the most significant ruler in the world, by both Muslims and Europeans. His military empire expanded greatly to the east and west. In Constantinople, he embarked on many cultural and architectural projects. While he was a brilliant military strategist and politician, he was also good with arts. Suleiman's poetry is among the best poetry in Islam. He sponsored an army of artists, religious thinkers, and philosophers that overthrew the most educated courts of Europe.
In Islamic history, Suleiman is considered the perfect Islamic ruler in history. Suleiman, named after Solomon, is referred to in Islamic history as the second Solomon. The reign of Suleiman in Ottoman and Islamic history is considered the period of …show more content…

In Europe, he conquered Rhodes, a large part of Greece, Hungary, and a major part of the Austrian Empire. His campaign against the Austrians took him right to Vienna. Besides invasions and campaigns, Suleiman was a major player in the politics of Europe. He wanted to break up both the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire. European Christianity eventually split Europe into Catholic and Protestant states. After this happened, Suleiman gave

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