Was the Un Justified in Dropping Atomic Bombs on Japan?

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Deepali Shinde Professor Kalra Academic Writing 101 19th September 2015. Was United Nations justified in dropping atomic bombs on Japan? World War II also known as The Second World War was a global war that was fought from 1939 to 1945 in Europe and Asia. The Second World War was debatably the most consequential period of the 20th century. World War II led to vital advancements in technology and set the base for post war social changes, that includes the end of colonialism by the Europeans, the civil rights movement in the United States., and the American Women’s Rights Movement in 1950s, in addition to the initiatives for research and exploration of outer space. The prime fighters were the Allied Nations that included Britain …show more content…

At that point Japan had reached the full extent of its expansion (Smurthwaite). The first confrontation between the United States and Japan appeared during the Battle of Midway that was fought on 4th June 1942. Where the U.S.A waged a war of avengement Japan fought to fortify the new territory and culture and heritage against the western influence. The war in Europe had ended and it seemed as if Japan too would soon surrender, America was in good spirits for this reason. But, when there was no sign of giving up from Japan by the summer of 1945, the Allied forces, that is, Britain, U.S. and Russia released the Potsdam Declaration. The Potsdam Proclamation served as an ultimatum for Japan to abdicate or else face incendiary destruction. Japan meticulously disregarded the ultimatum and the US started to design a plan of heavy repercussions for the Japanese. On 6th August 1945, B-29 “Enola Gay” was released on Hiroshima. On 9th August, 1945 the second and the most deadly nuclear weapon of complete destruction was dropped on Nagasaki. Japan instantly relinquished on the context that the emperor of Japan was allowed to continue his reign. The option of atomic bombs seemed convenient and propitious over sending American troops to invade Japan. If American troops were to invade, America’s soldiers would be in jeopardy. Major General LeMay said, “No matter how you slice it you are going to kill an awful of civilians. Thousands and

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