Watching Wild Animals : The Documentary Blackfish Last Year

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Ever since I was a little girl I loved animals. One of my favorite things to do was to spend the day at the zoo or visit an aquarium where I would have the chance to see some of my favorite animals. Each time I would go there it would be a breath-taking experience. Watching wild animals from up close, see them interacting with each other was just amazing to me. But as I got older I started realizing that it doesn’t matter how much I am pleased to be able to see these animals through a glass or cage, it is not natural, it is not the way they would choose to live if they had a say. We humans, unfortunately, have the cruelty to capture these animals from their natural habitats, against their own will, and separate them from their families for our own personal interests.
What made me unquestionably realize that keeping animals in captivity is cruel was watching the documentary Blackfish last year. Normally I watch lots of documentaries about wild animals, because I enjoy learning more about them, so I thought Blackfish would be the same type of documentary, but it was so much more. Blackfish is a wakeup call for us that are completely negligent about the real cost of keeping killer whales in captivity for our entertainment.
Killer whales are known for being extremely intelligent mammals. They live in families, not unlike humans, and travel and hunt in pods (groups up to 40 members of killer whales related by blood) thousands of miles per day in the large waters of the ocean.…
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