Water Pollolution : Solutions To The Pollution Of Water

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Water, considered as a non-excludable and rival good, is actually being polluted every day by three main causes— industrial waste, natural contaminants and littering. Consequently, water pollution already has solutions that require a whole process in order to make the water clean and fresh again. First, industries, besides treating the water to make it drinkable or for any other use, are polluting it not only by throwing away the waste, but also by increasing the pH of water so remarkably that it is even affecting potable water with dangerous chemicals. Specifically pointing out a case within the area where I live in, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified the public water supply in the Passaic River, located in New Jersey, as an impaired status, which means that this water cannot be used for its designated use because it contains arsenic. Ingesting this chemical through water in small quantities is slightly important, but being exposed to arsenic in large quantities can raise the probabilities of contracting cancer.

According to EPA, another impaired status in the water quality in Passaic River is the water used for primary contact recreations which includes recreational activities such as swimming, wading, skiing and other activities that include the risk of ingesting water accidentally. Generally, children and youth are the ones who mostly do these activities. However, the cause of this impairment is the presence of a bacterium called Escherichia

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