Water Pollution Control Act

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Before the twenty first century the United States government pass laws that have been beneficial to water pollution. The earliest action that the government took in regards to water pollution is the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1948. Which was the first major U.S. law to address water pollution. According to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act article this act was passed to eliminate or reduce pollution that was carried on between state's water and to improve sanitary conditions of surface and underground water. The act would have had a positive impact on the state because it was going to eliminate water pollution in all the states. This act did not succeed, in 1972 they had to modified it adding amendments to it calling it the Clean Water Act. According to the article, History of the Clean Water Act this act was pass to eliminate the pollutant that are in the nation’s surface waters including lakes, river, streams, wetlands, and coastal areas. This demonstrate that the government does take charge of this issue because they kept modifying the act when it did not succeed. In 1990 Congress passed the Pollution Prevention Act. According to the Pollution Prevention Act article it states that they want to increase the interested in reducing pollution or preventing it. According to this act it is the policy of the U.S. to prevent or reduce pollution. If they can not prevent pollution then the should treat the environment in a safe manner. In conclusion all of these

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