Water Quality Of The Mine Drainage Running Into The Afon Goch North

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Treatment Plan The number of problems related to the water quality of the mine drainage running into the Afon Goch North has meant that any remediation system must be multi-staged. Furthermore, the unique characteristics of the mine and the heavily polluted water requires an exclusive method of mediation. The treatment system outlined uses passive systems that require relatively little maintainence and have low running costs in order to be used as a long term solution to the pollution being produced.
Extending the Mine Adit Initially, the hillside needs to be excavated along the mine adit. An area of approximately ***** m along the mine adit needs to be removed. This will allow further room to construct the treatment system. Furthermore, the adit needs to be diverted from the path of the Afon Goch North so polluted water can enter the river. The adit will enter river once treatment has been completed.
Proposed System The water running from the mine adit is polluted with a number of elements requiring various methods of extraction in order to purify water. As each mine setting is unique it is often necessary to develop a system original to the site, as is the case at Parys Mountain. Figure * shows the pathway of the mine drainage before eventually running off into the Afon Goch North. As the water exits the mine with a pH below 2 and a near reducing condition, a peat biofilter will work effectively to remove metals from solution. As the water travels through the

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