Water Transportation in the Jacksonian Era Essay

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Water Transportation in the Jacksonian Era Water travel assisted heavily with transportation of goods and people from the American north-east to the west, which would eventually create a separation from the south.
Before any canals were even built, there was a great demand for better transportation to and from the west. During this time of exploration, something was necessary in order for settlement to progress. After the canals were built, people living in to north grew exceedingly wealthy from the trading benefits of the canals. This wealth would eventually create economic differences with the southern United States(Drago 178).

During the Jacksonian Era, in America, there were many changes happening, one of which was western …show more content…

In fact there was such a profit from the Erie Canal in NYC that tolls were repealed during 1883(Erie). The canal cut traveling rates from Buffalo, New York, and New York City by more than 90%. This changed the entire economic make-up of the U.S., as well as gave exploration and travel a helping hand.

Secondly, the C&O canal had many different developments in the period following it’s completion. However these developments were not nearly as good. The contractors, and engineers proved that they could not correctly build the canal, as they did not finish in the predicted time(Bourne).The C&O canal was not a financial success, and there were no economically enriched areas as there were with the Erie Canal. By the late 1870s, the canal had passed it’s peak of prosperity, and by 1881, it could not be stopped(Drago 71). However, the social effects were in some cases larger than the economic effects.

Culture in the C&O are was heavily enriched by boatmen and other workers on the canal route. These boatmen could tell people many things about what was going on in other parts of the state, assisting with communication of these people. However there was a downside to these effects, as many minorities were badly hurt by the construction. The Iroquois Indian Tribe was nearly destroyed by the Erie canal, and many German

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