We All Know That The U.s.

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We all know that the U.S. is a multiethnic country, and we are living in this complicated environment. Thus, some problems occur due to conflicts between different racial people. Recently, in Ferguson, Missouri, there was a case which was a black teenager, Michael Brown, got shot to death by a white police officer named Darren Wilson caused a lot of arguments in the society. To express opinions about this matter, in his essay “Ferguson won’t change anything. What will?,” Glenn Loury states that the Michael Brown’s case should not be a great example of America’s ideas on race and social classes order, as well as the role of law enforcement since the case is questionable and controversial. Besides that, I think that Loury is surely right …show more content…

If we fail in our responsibility to protect the social peace, people will be hurt and live in fear. The community decides what kind of punishment should be applied for violent crimes based on their seriousness and intimidation to communities. Also, people who committed criminal acts have to receive appropriate punishment. In the Brown’ case, if Brown is a good person, how could he get shot by Wilson? This situation happened since “we learned that Brown, just prior to being killed, was caught on tape apparently committing a minor robbery at a convenience store. It was also disclosed that he had marijuana in his system when he died (Loury).” Thus, I totally agree with Loury’s conclusion that “Nor do I intend to blame the victim, to suggest that Brown deserved his fate.” Of course, we all try to prevent either one of these, but we must be prepared to deal with these problems when they arise. To deal with these criminals, we must exercise the need for people who protect our communities. They are police officers under the authorities, and they have the mission that is keeping communities safe. They have the right to arrest anyone who violates the criminal laws of their jurisdictions regardless of their immigration status, genders or race. Second, human’s rights are the belief that everybody should be treated fairly and with dignity under the law no matter what their circumstances. I think that racism is an error in consciousness and is a

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