We Are At An Age Where Everyone Has A Smartphone. This

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We are at an age where everyone has a smartphone. This is what experts would call the advance technological generation, since individuals of all ages possess a smartphone. In addition, there are numerous uses of a smartphone and one might use it for researching articles on the go, or read novels without the hassle of carrying multiple books and it can be used for entertainment purposes. Also, the information we obtain from our phones is brought to us in a faster rate on the tips of our hand. In contrast, to searching through a sea of books and spending countless hours looking for the answers, but with the advancement of smartphones we no longer have to be delayed when we are doing research for a class, and in a scholarly field, or for a …show more content…

But even so, with the acknowledgement that it is an addiction I have done nothing to resolve my issues. Importance to realize, is that phone too has its withdrawal symptoms similar to drugs according to The Huffington Post: The Blog about “Cell Phones: a Potentially Deadly addiction” written by Deborah Hersman the CEO of the National Safety Council. The phone withdrawal symptoms has gotten worse in according the article written by Hersman, she said “When we are addicted to something, we search or ways to justify our habit[s]. With cell phones, two critical cultural ideals have helped us do so. First, …[the illusion of] multitasking. Second, society tells us that being constantly connected is not only possible, but necessary and beneficial.”(5 Hersman). This is particularly frightening because instead of being a progressive society, due to the heavy amount of smartphone use has brought us to a regression in being consumed to one’s addiction. When in fact, social media applications has been developed to make one’s life connection to one another much easier than before; since it removes the monotony of getting to close and personal with the person they are conversing online. For example, application such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and Tinder had made all of this possible in the palm of one’s hand. Notably, Tinder has been very prolific in the domain of online dating because it supposedly made dating a bit easier to

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