We Are Not The World By Greg Ip

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Recent events in the world such as the election of President Donald Trump and his ideologies regarding to how “make America great again”, the situation of the crisis of the European Union and the raising protagonist of china in the international trade; leaves an uncertainty as to where the global economy is headed. Likewise, the main discussion is no longer between a left or right political spectrum, if not the divergence of ideologies being the nationalism and globalism the protagonists. This paper summarizes and analyzes the article entitled "We Are Not the World" written by the author Greg Ip (2017), in order to delve into the context of the ideologies of globalism and nationalism respectively. As well, as the role that these ideologies …show more content…

Indeed, the emerging ideology of nationalism was hand in hand with the thought of expand into the territories of other countries, this in the 1930s, according to Ip (2017). Nowadays, the ideology of nationalism, merely seeks to reassert control over its own country. A clear example is the recent statements by President Donald Trump, in which he states textually, “There is no global anthem, no global currency, no certificate of global citizenship. From now on, it’s going to be ‘America First.’” Such statement took by surprise the entire world since nationalism was not strongly reflected in a presidency in the United States. Therefore, the natural outcome of such ideology only can bring divergence among countries willing to work together for a common good and countries that only seek their own interest. Ideologies such as nationalism, promote that representatives of different countries seek to withdraw world organizations. Aforesaid, a clear example of such actions are the decisions of the precedent elected Donald Trump how decided to abandon the North America Free Trade Agreement this past month. Another example of what nationalism can induce is the case of the current French presidential candidate Ms. Le Pen, who seeks to promote nationalism in her country, arguing that globalism does not let France

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