We Are Our Environment : Lord Of The Flies

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We Are Our Environment Lord of the Flies is a very disturbing book; it shows that our environment can change the way we act on a normal day to day basis. This group of young boys, started out on the island as any other normal children, causing mischief and attempting to make the best of their situation, then things turn for the worst and two children are murdered by the others. I believe that these reactions were based on their environment as well as their biological development. The boys did seem normal, but they also were a violent group of boys, the oldest boys would constantly yell at the weaker boys. For instance, in the beginning when Piggy finally receives the conch and wants to talk, “I got the conch,” said Piggy. “You let me speak!” “The conch doesn’t count on top of the mountain, so you shut up!” Jack says (Lord of the Flies, pg. 42). Majority of the boys would talk this way to each other, and it only gets worse throughout the book. This is why I think their actions rely on their biological development as well as their environment. They started out with violent words, words and actions that may have been okay at home, and then the environment, being stranded and hungry on a deserted island, furthered those violent words into violent actions. For the short amount of time that they were on this island, they should have kept some composure and realized that this was not a game and death is not a game, any sane person or child would have known this to be true.

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