We DonT Have Free Will In The Film Lola Essay

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Hume defines will as “the internal impression we feel and are conscious of when we knowingly give rise to any new motion of our body, or new perception of our mind” (Hume, 2). He means that we just have a feeling that we have free will, but we don’t have free will. In the film, Lola the main character did have free will since she could go back in time and change her actions. We all agree that physical things or “external bodies” which Hume calls them, don’t have free will, they are subject to physical laws, such as gravity. Actions of matter are subject to necessity, meaning that necessity governs the behavior of external bodies.
There are several things that can determine human action, such as ethics, personality, upbringing, and
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This is because he can already predict the guard’s reaction.
Hume gives three reasons on why we believe in free will, the first is because of religious reasons. Hume argues that humans believe in free will or else they couldn’t have the belief in choosing good over evil. The second reason is that we always believe we could have acted otherwise. An example of this is the feeling of regret, we feel like we had a choice. But Hume states that we can’t ever prove this. The last reason we believe in free will is free will vs. determinism. This is closely related to the first reason. People argue that it doesn’t feel like anything is forcing them one way or the other. Because they feel this way they relate it to fate or destiny. But in Hume 's argument, the kind of person you are is going to determine your actions.
During the three different scenarios, Lola would cross with other people whom some she didn’t know. In each scenario, these people would experience different things and in the “and then” scenes, we could see different things in which the person experienced after having contact with Lola. These “and then” scenes show that there are many possible futures for someone to experience. These future experiences relate to chance, free will, and fate. In each scenario, Lola would take different choices which would affect have different outcomes. Since there were several variations in the “and then” scenes, this can imply that there is no one set of
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