We Have Read For Class, Saving Normal

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Out if the five books we have read for class, Saving Normal by Allen Frances is overall my favorite book to read. I’ll get into specifics using the concepts of self, culture, and embodiment that we’ve learned in class. Why I didn 't select the other four books will also be explained using this concepts. The main example of self he uses as how a mental illness can makes someone define themselves as a sick individual. This happens a lot to people who aren’t even sick but because a doctor tells them they have a mental disorder, they let their “mental disorder” determine their self and it changes what that think about themselves and lowers self esteem. It makes them feel abnormal. The medication that they’re told to take hurts them even more…show more content…
He pushed her out the room violently and threatened her with a knife because he thought she was with the enemy. He felt immense guilt and crying uncontrollably and shouted the intention to die. The ambulance was called and he was correctly diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The medication calmed him down and he started to heal. He takes antipsychotics with weekly psychotherapy. 5 years later and he still hears voices when he’s stressed or bored, but he knows that this delusions aren’t real and is living happily and partaking in his hobby of science fiction. “I still have the voices, especially when I am stressed or have nothing to do. But I can usually tell that that they aren’t real...” (Frances 2014:274) Another story of this that involves harm is with Bob and Sarah. Sarah’s 33 year old son committed suicide by taking a combination of antidepressants and sleep medication. He went through a divorce and a custody battle. He needed counseling to deal with emotional stress and problems in his life, but he didn’t get any of that. He’s given unhelpful drugs and doses increased and combinations changed to supposingly help but it only pushed him to kill himself. Sarah grieved for her sin and went to the doctor. Diagnosed with clinical depression, she’s given a drug that her son used to commit suicide. She told the doctor her concerns and it’s ignored completely. She felt worst
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