We Impair A Mortgage Loan When It Is Probable We Will Not

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We impair a mortgage loan when it is probable we will not collect all amounts due under the agreement. We establish a general valuation allowance on mortgage loans based on loss history. Additionally, we establish a valuation allowance on individual loans based on expected losses from future dispositions or settlement, including foreclosures. We calculate the allowance based on how much the carrying value exceeds one of these values:

• the present value of expected future cash flows discounted at the loan 's original effective interest rate;
• the value of the loan 's collateral if it is in the process of foreclosure or otherwise collateral dependent; or
• the loan 's fair value if the loan is being sold.

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Derivatives are financial instruments whose values are derived from interest rates, foreign exchange rates, financial indices or other underlying notional amounts. Derivatives are carried at fair value on the consolidated balance sheets in derivative assets or derivative liabilities. We elect to present any derivatives subject to master netting provisions as a gross asset or liability and gross of collateral. Disclosures regarding balance sheet presentation of derivatives subject to master netting agreements are discussed in Note 3 – Derivative Instruments. We may designate derivatives as cash flow or fair value hedges.

Hedge Documentation and Hedge Effectiveness – To qualify for hedge accounting, at the inception of the hedging relationship, we formally document our risk management objective and strategy for undertaking the hedging transaction, as well as our designation of the hedge as a cash flow or fair value hedge. In this documentation, we identify how the hedging instrument is expected to hedge the designated risks related to the hedged item, the method that will be used to retrospectively and prospectively assess the hedging instrument 's effectiveness, and the method which will be used to measure ineffectiveness. A derivative designated as a hedging instrument must be assessed as being highly effective in offsetting the designated risk of the hedged item. Hedge effectiveness is formally assessed at inception and periodically throughout the life of

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