We Kill People Who Kill People Because Killing People Is Wrong

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A society that values life does not intentionally kill people. Capital punishment is a disturbing case of homicide that has been approved by our government. Practically supporting murder in order to enforce a solution to the problems being faced by society. Governments round the world constantly try to validate capital punishment by stating the so called advantages of capital punishment provides to the people. What they think are the advantages of death penalty would provide to the people. Capital punishment is an inadequate solution to dealing with a criminal and it should be removed from our justice system.
Capital punishment is supposed to be an instrument of upholding law and order; discourage criminals and inexpensive compared to life in prison. You know the old saying “An eye for an eye” is supposed to pay tribute to towards the victims as well as comfort mourning families. Guaranteeing criminals of monstrous crimes are unable to get an opportunity to causes future tragedies. Capital punishment is a scare tactic for criminals, it lessens the number of prisoners in jail and is a way of justice for the victims. Nevertheless a lifetime prison sentences are a more severe and effective than an easy copout death penalty.
The death penalty has been around for centuries, from stoning to hanging and beheading, which was transformed into the electric chair and is now known as lethal ejection. Its main purpose is to be used as the most extreme punish to those who have who have…