We Kill People Who Kill People Because Killing People Is Wrong

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A society that values life does not intentionally kill people. Capital punishment is a disturbing case of homicide that has been approved by our government. Practically supporting murder in order to enforce a solution to the problems being faced by society. Governments round the world constantly try to validate capital punishment by stating the so called advantages of capital punishment provides to the people. What they think are the advantages of death penalty would provide to the people. Capital punishment is an inadequate solution to dealing with a criminal and it should be removed from our justice system. Capital punishment is supposed to be an instrument of upholding law and order; discourage criminals and inexpensive compared to …show more content…

If a person committed a atrocious crime, then they don’t deserve a free pass to die. They should have to live with the fact that for the rest of their godforsaken life, they will never see outside those prison doors again. Those criminals don’t feel the pain they’ve inflicted on others. They should have to stay in their cell for years and years; hoping, wish and praying for the day they can be free and never getting that opportunity. They should be able to have that hope because hope is paralyzing can will destroy a person on its own. A two ago, it cost the Texas Department of Criminal Justice approximately $83 to execute an inmate by lethal injection, the American-Statesman reported last month. That price has risen to nearly $1,300. That wouldn’t seem like much money until it’s multiplied by the total number of convicts on death row in the United States; in Florida alone there are a total of 403. The death penalty isn’t an effective way to prevent or reduce crime, costs a whole lot more than life in prison. Oddly the death penalty isn't earmarked for the worst crimes, but for the ones with the worst lawyers. And society just assume that families of victims want the death penalty enforced. Some are just as against it on moral grounds; even those who do support it have said the process of the death penalty is more painful for them to handle. Capital punishment is an inadequate

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