We Rely on All the Four Ways of Knowing; Sense of Perception, Language, Emotion and Reason. However, They All Have Weaknesses. We Often Use Ways of Knowing in Conjunction with Each Other. Some Areas of Knowledge Might

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We rely on all the four ways of knowing; sense of perception, language, emotion and reason. However, they all have weaknesses. We often use ways of knowing in conjunction with each other. Some areas of knowledge might not use sense of perception as such but we sometimes think that Maths for example uses mainly logic or reason. Is this true?

Reason is one of the strongest ways of knowing. One of the strengths of reason as a source of knowledge is that it seems to give us certainty. We can refer to logic as the study of the correct reasoning. It involves argument, inference truth, falsity, validity and invalidity. Logic facilitates us to understand more about what our belief’s mean, and shows how clearly we can express them.
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However, to those who believe that abortion is ethical, one can reason that since the foetus is not developed yet, no soul will be abolished. Therefore abortion is ethical because women have the right to decide their own choices of maternity.

For example, if we take the case of rape, and assume that the woman is impregnated. But the mother of the child is against abortion, and decided to give birth to this child. However, if we consider the fact that the mother of the child is incapable physically or economically to have a child, we can argue that reasoning may be a disadvantage; because it will not benefit both the mother and the child. However, the fact that the mother is unwilling to choose abortion might be caused by her emotion.

There was a woman that I know and had this situation. She believes in premarital sex yet often practices it without safety. In this context, reasoning can be seen as a weakness because she reasons that due to the existence of abortion, it was acceptable for her to practice unsafe sex. At the end she was impregnated twice and chose to abort for both. Abortion was used weakly as a choice and therefore suggests that reasoning can lead to flawed decisions.

Torture can also be applied to reasoning. For example, in the case of terrorism, is it ethical to torture one person in order to get information of the killing of the bombing of 1000 people? Some people might say it is ethical.
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