Weapons And Their Use Of A Michigan Elementary School

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Kevin Perley Mr. Dobberstein Lang and Comp 18, January 2017 Weapons and Their Use On September 6, 2001, police were called to a Michigan elementary school after a father legally carried a loaded pistol on his waist into the school building while picking up his daughter. School officials said the incident at Edgerton Elementary raised concerns in some staff and students but law enforcement officials said the father was within his rights to carry the gun. The issue of whether the U.S. should lower the age restriction on concealed weapons has changed throughout the past years. The United States says more guns create more opportunities for injury and death, not fewer (“Law Center,” 2015). Many Americans agree with this opinion, but others …show more content…

Another source refers to concealed weapons being as good because they can stop crime (“Law Center,” 2015), such as if there was a robbery hostage going on, someone can pull out their weapon and use it, if there are no cops around and before any citizens get hurts. Next, self-defense training is as effective as a handgun against an armed assailant (“So, it’s legal to carry,” 2014). This is also good because then one does not always have to use a gun and knife on a person a human can use Mix Martial Arts on them instead and this will prevent people from dieing. Also some people say the job of defending campuses against violent attacks should be left to the professionals (Students For Concealed Weapons, 2011-2012) and not kids with handguns. This will also lead to less deaths on campus which is good, and more people will lose the privilege of carrying a handgun if they are found guilty. One statistic says 90% commit suicide at home if they have a concealed weapon on them (“Law Center,” 2015). This is a bad habit for Americans struggling in life, because no one should commit suicide even when they are at home. The same source indicates people can go into a break down and go on a killing spree (USA Carry, 2015). This usually happens around crowded places such as colleges, high schools, churches, movie theaters, and concerts. All this comes to, concealed carry causes accidents (Virginia Department of State Police, 2009). Another

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