Weapons Of Influence

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Critical Thinking Study Question 1, Chapter 8 Pick any three of the weapons of influence described in this book. Discuss in each case how the weapon could be used in enhance compliance in what you would consider an exploitative manner and in what you would consider a nonexploitative manner. The first weapon of influence that I have chosen to describe in this book is Reciprocity, which comes from chapter 2 reciprocation “the old give and take… and take . According to sociologist and anthropologist, one of the most widespread and basic norms of human culture is embodied in the rule of reciprocity. The rule requires that one person try to repay in kind what another person have provided. By obligating the recipient of an act to repayment in the future. The rule for reciprocation allows one individual to give something to another with confidence that is not being lost. (Cialdini 49) This rule is extremely powerful, often overwhelming. The rule of reciprocity can be used to enhance compliance in what we would consider an exploitative manner and in what we would consider a nonexploitative manner. My example for the rule of reciprocity in and nonexploitative manner comes from readers report 2.2 (32) “Last year on my way home for thanksgiving break, I felt the dull …show more content…

The overarching need of the cultists to cling to those beliefs. This is used in a non-explicated manner because people are listening to someone who is lying and didn’t have a good experience with something. So with the power of social influence have turned into a power of bad influence. It shows how even if something is bad and not true people will still turn and follow them even if they don’t feel the same just because of the power of social

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