Welfare Recipients Should Be Periodically Tested for Drugs

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In today’s society about 12,800,000 people are supported by government welfare programs for help with their financial necessities. The argument everyone is making nowadays, is whether or not they should be drug testing recipients of welfare. I agree with this strongly because I know that if I were paying taxes on this program I would not want someone going out and abusing this privilege on drugs. People collecting welfare, or other government assistance, should be drug tested because if they are just going to spend money on drugs, they do not need help. To be exact, 4.1% of the United States population is on welfare. This means that about $131.9 billion of government spending is used on welfare annually! In eight states welfare pays more than the average teacher’s salary (US Department of Health and Human Services). So really, people who are on welfare are getting more money than an average person working everyday and not receiving any help. The United States is already dealing with a very big debt problem. We should not be wasting money on those who abuse it and take it for granted. There have been some cases where people have taken the money that they receive from welfare and spend it on drugs. We could be paying off our debt but instead we are feeding into people’s drug addictions. There have not been a lot of cases where this has happened but all it takes is one person before it starts a chain reaction. It is said that more welfare recipients will use illicit drugs

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