Welfare State Essay

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Welfare state – how was it and how it has changed.
Welfare state is one of the most important political and economic concepts of the twentieth century. The welfare state is a place in which responsibility for the care of the public in matters such as welfare, health, education, housing and working takes the government.
What Welfare state gives us?
In the 19th century, discussions were held on the availability of health care for the poorest. At the time visit of the doctors, or stay in the hospital were very expensive and only the rich could afford a specialized treatment .At the end of the war, the Labour party took power in Britain. In 1945 a proposal was for the nationalization of all hospitals.Despite the severe opposition on July …show more content…

The schools promote healthy life style by Child Smile which providing free tooth brushes and pastes for schools. It is a wonderful way to promote oral health as it helps children to build confidence in communication with others – we all feel better and smile more when our teeth are healthier.
The schools also promote walk a mile. The children are encouraged to walk at least mile a day while they are in school. This improve health overall and help children become more fit. There is also lots of extra activities as karate, yoga, football club to help children be healthy. The schools also have at least 2 days a week of PE.
The schools also prohibited fizzy drinks and only water or sugar free juices are not allowed.

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Munch and Move
Is a program created to education system. Munch and Move’s main goal is promoting and encouraging children’s healthy diet and lots of physical activity but also to reduce time with ICT like watching TV, using tablets, smartphones and computers. Some of the outcomes:
-‘’Children have a strong sense of identity’’
-‘’Children are connected with and contribute to their world’’
-‘’ Children have a strong sense of wellbeing’’
-‘’ Children are confident and involved learners’’
Examples of activities we can find
The munch and move is linked to Early Years Framework

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Under the Equality Act 2010, it is illegal for schools and other educational

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