Wells Fargo : Ethics And Values

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Wells Fargo preaches to its team members to practice ethics and values in the everyday duties of its team members to handle our customers with highest integrity. The finance and banking industry is highly regulated as it should be, but as far as the values Wells Fargo promotes, unfortunately these values are not practiced in day to day operations. I worked for Wells Fargo for several years, and I got to know most of their values and visions as a company. From my experience, Wells Fargo didn’t always adhere to these values and missions.
“Valued” Team Members
Working at Wells Fargo, managers would have us read and re-read the vision and values booklet every month. They constantly drove into our heads the ethics and values of what we do and should do as team members. In orientation when I first started with Wells Fargo, about half of it was discussing the importance of calling fellow workers team members and not fellow employees. Their thought behind this was that team members help each other and effectively communicate with each other whether it is between two team members or a team member and a manager. They wanted to institute that team comradery of all team members, unfortunately in the departments that I worked, it was anything but.
In fact it states in Wells Fargo vision and values that “We believe everyone on our team is important and deserves respect for who they are and how they can contribute to our work together” (Wells Fargo, 2014, p. 6). From my…

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