Wells Fargo : Ethics And Values

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Wells Fargo preaches to its team members to practice ethics and values in the everyday duties of its team members to handle our customers with highest integrity. The finance and banking industry is highly regulated as it should be, but as far as the values Wells Fargo promotes, unfortunately these values are not practiced in day to day operations. I worked for Wells Fargo for several years, and I got to know most of their values and visions as a company. From my experience, Wells Fargo didn’t always adhere to these values and missions. “Valued” Team Members Working at Wells Fargo, managers would have us read and re-read the vision and values booklet every month. They constantly drove into our heads the ethics and values of what we do…show more content…
WF did nothing about our concerns as team members. Eventually team members quit participating in these surveys out of frustration of their concerns not being addressed. Wells Fargo always stated that their team members were their most important constituents because they’re the single most important influence on the customers. With the lack of action from the yearly survey and everyday day to day interactions with management, most employees I worked with felt more like a number than an important team member. Lack of Values WF strives to be recognized by their stakeholders as setting the standard among the world’s great companies for integrity and principled performance. Honesty, trust, and integrity are essential for meeting the highest standards of corporate governance. They’re not just the responsibility of our senior leaders and our board of directors. We’re all responsible. According to wellsfargo.com (2014), our customers trust us as their financial resource. They trust our tellers to complete transactions accurately and promptly. They trust our bankers to provide them with products and services to meet their needs. They trust our financial advisors to give them sound advice. They trust our mortgage consultants to manage their application
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