Wendy Ji's Lawsuit against the Emerald City Condominium Developers

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Wendy Ji, a resident at the Emerald City Condominiums in Taranto, Canada has filed a $30-million class-action lawsuit against the Toronto developer, Elad Canada, for failing to deliver what she claims they promised to. On Emerald City’s website they state the condominium would include “easy underground access to the Don Mills subway.” When Wendy first moved into the apartment she discover something shocking, the underground tunnel connecting the condominium to the subway did not exist. The condo developer claims that “there was never any representation that there would be underground access” to the subway station.
Wendy had watched a promotional video a subway train pulled into a station named Emerald City, which lead her to believe there would be underground access directly from the Condominium. Also a promotional brochure for Emerald city states “the lower level lobby is connected directly to the subway, allowing you the convenience of going anywhere you like on the TTC without having to go outside.” The lawsuit involves sixty condo owners, citing misrepresentation and breach of contract. Wendy and many of the other owners had bought their condos pre-construction, and have said that the overall design has drastically changed from the original. Wendy had purchased the apartment for $460,000 and now is seeking a 10%-15% rebate, claiming that these changes have severely devalued her unit. It’s not unusual for building plans to alter during actual construction, but in Wendy’s

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