Wes Anderson Character Analysis

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There are few people who can make you feel like you have left your world and gone into another, Wes Anderson is one of those people. Most would say he is a mastermind. There is a unique feel about his movies that lets the viewers know it is his work of art without needing to display his name. With so many options to explain him in all his glory, Moonrise Kingdom is short, sweet, to the point, and his most accomplished work. With the film being relatively to the point and easy to digest it is really easy to pick apart. In the following couple of pages, an deeper understanding of the two main characters’ as well as some of the themes depicted throughout the film. At the start of this film Sam and Suzy are introduced as two preteens who feel…show more content…
With hardly knowing anything about each other, the 12-year old children are sure that they are in love with each other. With only being 12 years old the audience knows that this feeling is something that the two characters cannot fully understand but through the characters actions it is shown that the feelings are very much real. While not everybody may not be able to relate to this aspect of the film because of their age, they most defiantly can relate to the feeling of falling in love for the first time and trying to understand all of the emotions. Anderson depicts the love of these two characters as something that comes very natural and unforced. Anderson makes the audience see the characters through the adults’ eyes. What the adults see and understand is what Anderson lets the audience see and understand. When the film first starts, the adults don’t understand the children. They are seen as the outcast. The kids are rebellious and childish. But, as the film goes on the adults, and in turn the audience, everyone begins to realize that the children should not be knocked down for being different but instead praised for doing their own thing and standing up for themselves. Not only that but the children are also recognized for leaning on each other and depending on another person, a concept that many do adults struggle to do. The adults specifically that notice the
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