What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Health Record

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Advantages and pitfalls of electronic health record In today’s date everyone is sitting in a web of information. The ease of access to internet connection and portable computerized devices has changed the way of our life. We can do banking, shopping, submit applications, check tax information, receive real time traffic updates and as simple as tracking the food we ordered online. But in healthcare sector patients still call the front desk to book an appointment with their family doctor. The doctor still uses hardcopies for drug prescription, diagnostic imaging and lab requisitions. Referral to specialist is made via telephone or fax and relevant materials is mailed, faxed or sent with patients. Patients are often disappointed when they realize that the trip to the clinic was only to be told that their test results are normal.
Electronic health record (EHR) is the solution for all simplifying those tasks. Ordering diagnostics and viewing results could be done online. Specialist referral and exchange of patient information could all be done at the click of mouse with EHR. Patients can view their lab results on the EHR portal from the comfort of their home. According to (Abrams & Gibson, 2013) “electronic health record is the longitudinal record of encounter with the health system and various health providers”(p.143). EHR can link databases, allow remote access of health information, send updates and help streamline the patient centered

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