What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hylomorphism

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Dualism and Hylomorphism are contrasting theories of human nature. The contrast lies in their explanation of the association between the body and the soul. Both theories offer valid explanations which make them viable. However, it is clear both theories have their strong and weak elements thus preventing them from being universally accepted. To understand which of the two theories is much better, it is necessary to compare their position in order to determine their strength and weaknesses easily.
According to Plato, Dualism is a concept that holds that there are two types of substances namely mental and substance. Every individual has a body and a soul where the body is the physical substance while the mental substance is the soul. The human body is finite while the soul is infinite and can continue existing even after the body dies. The body is like the vehicle for the soul in the world. Therefore, every individual is a mental being with no entire physical properties. Plato believes that senses are physical capabilities which are ascribed to the physical body. The theory of dualism is entirely based on the premise that human beings have the ability to survive without physical bodies. For instance, an individual’s soul does not change after being amputated or after having a heart transplant. If we have the possibility of surviving without our physical bodies, human beings cannot be bodies. Therefore, a person is independent of the body. Even though the mind seems aggregated

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