What Are The Benefits Of Vaccines Necessary

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Vaccines can be very dangerous. It’s important to know what's in them or how they're made, because some things people put in them, are very disturbing and you should know what’s in them, many companies have been lying on the internet. People are deciding whether vaccines should or shouldn’t be mandatory for all children. For some children it’s as safe to be vaccinated because the chance of dying is worse than other children. However, vaccines has also saved many lives but vaccines have side effects they may not be deathly, but you do not know when a body will react to a certain type of vaccine, that's why it's dangerous. Vaccines shouldn’t be mandatory for all children because they are unsafe and some companies provide false information about …show more content…

Companies and people are withholding information about vaccines that parents don’t know about. Many lies have been written about the actual rates of deaths or side effects. According to Evidence does not show that benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks, “Vaccine manufacturers, health officials, medical doctors, lead authors of important studies, editors of major medical journals, hospital personnel, and even coroners, cooperate to minimize vaccine failings, exaggerate benefits, and avert any negative publicity that might frighten concerned parents, threaten the vaccine program and lower vaccination rates.” If people that are trusted have to exaggerate the benefits or avert negativity than vaccines shouldn’t be given to all children because people don’t believe that they are safe. Also, most articles on vaccine don’t state the things that are in vaccines, because if people read articles about them, they would no longer want their child to have that vaccine. Here are some ingredients that are in the oral polio vaccines, “In addition, oral polio vaccines are incubated in monkey kidneys, the chickenpox vaccine is brewed in "human embryonic lung cell cultures," and the new HPV vaccine includes particles of sexually transmitted viruses which are now being injected into an entire generation of chaste, young girls.”, this was in the Evidence does not show that benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks article. Vaccines are man made and any scientist could put a chemical in the vaccine and it could change the future generations of

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