What Are The Causes Of The Vietnam War

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The Vietnamese War had no certain beginning. It was known as the second Indochina was and it took place throughout Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. This war lasted for about twenty years, which basically made it the longest war in U.S. history. While the war had no certain beginning, it was estimated to have begun around November 1995. The war then ended to the Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1973.
The U.S. gradually entered the Vietnam War during the 1950 to 1965 due to their belief in the communist spread. Towards the beginning of 1961, the number of U.S. troops dropped from 543,000 to 157,000. This eventually led to the activeness in South Vietnam. The decrease in the number of American troops was indeed a set back for the U.S. army because this
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The Vietnamese Nationalist won Victory over French forces in 1954. The violence and causes of the Vietnam War actually derived from the cold war. The main reason for the Vietnam War was spread of the belief in Communism all around South Asia. Neither the Soviet Union nor the US had the chance of risking war against one another. Before World War two, Vietnam was actually a part of the French Empire. While the war was going on, Vietnam was run by Japanese. When the Japanese had finally withdrew, the Vietnamese decided to move forward and initiate their own land with the leader called Ho Chi…show more content…
forces in 1973 and the unification of Vietnam under Communist control for two years which put a stop to the battle. The enemy was hard to identify because the war was not fought between straight army forces. Huge bombing operations hit their targets, but did not succeed at making the North Vietnamese comply. After the war ended, Allies handed South Vietnam to the French, while the North was in hands of Noncommunist Chinese. The Chinese however treated the North Vietnamese terribly. The French offered the north independence so they could take there side. Soon there was a new leader called Bao Dai. The French loss of the Vietnam war was during the time that the Korean War had ended. Toward the end of the war, Japanese promoted the Vietnamese and gave them independence. The capturing of Saigon by N-Vietnamese is what put an ending to the war. And the year later South and North Vietnam had been reunified. Although the war was really long, costed major money and fatalities, it had finally been
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