What Are The Differences Between Sparta And Athens

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HIST 1421 Greek and Roman Civilization
Written Assignment Unit 1

The people of Athens and Sparta operated under different systems of government. There are many differences between the two, but also some similarities. In the following paper, I will discuss how the citizens of each city-state obtained the right to participate, who held public office and how were they selected, and the similarities and differences between the two systems of government.
I was not the right of every person living within either city-state to participate in public life or make decisions that would affect the community. Both Sparta and Athens had rules that dictated who could take part in public life and the political process.
In Sparta, only free Spartan males could participate in any capacity. Women, Periokoi, and the Helots were not eligible to participate as well as Spartan men that lost their rights as citizens. The political hierarchy for the city-state of Sparta consisted of two Kings, the Gerousia, the Ephors, and the Polpular Assembly.
All freeborn Spartan males were eligible to be a part of the popular assembly, this was the lowest level of the pollical ladder. The assembly met monthly and was responsible for passing laws and voting on matters of war. They were also responsible for …show more content…

Any free Spartan male could be elected to be an Ephor and it was the only way for non-aristocratic Spartans to gain any real political power. Ephors served single terms and were responsible for judicial affairs, military organization, and foreign relations. They were also responsible for convening the Gerousia and setting the agenda. While the Ephors possessed significant power in the Spartan political system, they generally deferred to the aristocratic Gerousia and were subject to bullying and bribery by other members of the aristocracy. These factors kept the Ephors from exercising the full extent of their power or shaking up the political

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