What Are The Key Themes In The Call Of The Wild

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The ability to critically review a book is an essential skill that every academician should possess. Academicians should have the capacity to identify the central theme of an author in a book. They should also understand the way the author has presented the theme in the book. Without these capabilities, reading books are only waste of time because it is not beneficial reading a book if one does not understand it.
Academic institutions test these skills in their students through assignments on critical book reviews. Students should know that tasks on critical book reviews mainly test their knowledge in their field of study and their ability to engage objective analysis of books relating to their area of study. They should know that book reviews have two primary purposes. The first is to show readers that one knows the content of the book (the main theme of the book) and the second is to show readers that one can
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Buck saves Thornton life on various occasions and even kills a man for his sake. Buck wins Thornton a nearly impossible bid for him to express his devotion to him. Later, when the Yeehat Indian kill Thornton Buck avenges his death by killing many of the Indians. Then, he follows a pack of wolves into the wild. This paper demonstrates how London manages to show and back his key themes in "The Call of the Wild."
The main themes of “The Call of the Wild” is adaptations and survival for the fittest (natural selection). Thorne uses this book to express his support for these two biological theories. In the book, the protagonist Buck, a domestic dog (pet), is taken away from the comforts of the wealthy human home, a judge's home, to the harsh outdoor conditions of the cold north. There, Buck life changes completely. Firstly, Buck suffers starvation during his transportation to the north. Buck, had never experienced this before. At the judge’s home, he used to have sufficient regular prepared
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