What Are The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana

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Marijuana Legalized!? Marijuana has many uses in the world today. Most of these uses are bad. However, there are some good uses for marijuana. Therefore, you could say there are many pros and cons of using marijuana. Sadly, there are more cons than pros on the subject of marijuana. However, this is expected, especially whenever discussing a drug. Also, the legalization of the drug would only be for recreational usage. There are surprisingly many pros if the government was to legalize marijuana. The drug has already been legalized in a few dozen states. Some of these states include Colorado, California, and Massachusetts. The pros for marijuana are as follows: less money supporting organized crime, safety controls, wider …show more content…

Anybody anywhere can get it if he or she chooses pleases. This can cause addictions, fights, and even death to those who purchase and use it. However, the solution is simple. If marijuana was to become legal, then less money would support the crime and it would be much easier for law enforcement to go after other crimes. This would take a lot of pressure off of law enforcement and could potentially save lives. Marijuana no doubt has many toxic ingredients inside of the drug. However, there is a way to avoid the toxic ingredients. If marijuana was legalized, it would be used for medical purposes. Therefore, the drug would have to be safely controlled by the health departments. This would cause the harmful ingredients to be taken out while still being used for a good cause. Also, this could help people out by keeping the drug somewhat healthier. Now, there are as well many cons for legalizing marijuana. Most of the cons are the reason why the drug has not been legalized already. The cons for marijuana are as follows: it has an addictive nature, it alters the way you think, and it is a gateway drug. These cons are too much of a risk for the drug to be legalized. This is why only a dozen states have legalized the

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