What Are The Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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It’s hard to describe globalization without getting confused because of some contradictory descriptions. When we talk about globalization we gather that a social process that constraints the geography on economic and political as well as social and cultural arrangements recede can become increasingly aware that there can be receding in the minds of an individual. One cannot support a single theory on globalization it takes several theories to be able to explain the international trade.

Traditional international trade theories
One traditional international trade theories is the Porter’s theory of competitive forces and strategies. Michael Porter once proposed that any managers in charge can formulate a strategy that makes the business more profitable and less …show more content…

The pros on globalization would be to improve the global economy. Globalization has open a path towards companies that wants to expand rapidly and helps fill out the gap between many countries. Another pro is the expanding of knowledge, with this people have the need to learn other cultures to be able to trade with them. Learning their way of trade which may be so different of their own. And the third pro would be the ability to make decision for the world and not just one country and of course free trade makes the economy healthier as well as movement of labor. The cons would be that globalization is not good for poor countries that has no freedom of trade. The other bad side of globalization is that this makes the rich richer and this is because most of the owners exploits women and children as well as prisoners so that they can meet demands. And the last things is that because everyone wants to make money with globalization you can move freely from country to country yes but because some people are moving to places that are giving out higher paying jobs most people leave the poorer countries to fend for themselves. ("Future Of Working",

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