What Are The Pros And Cons Of Political Parties

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The Founding Fathers believed that political parties were dangerous and a threat to a popular republican government. Despite the foreboding of the Founders, parties formed and are still around to this day. I agree with the statement that “parties make the process work, clarify issues, and present clear alternatives. And when the parties are in a weakened state, it is bad for the country.” I think in their most basic form, parties do play a vital role in our government, but I understand why the Founders were hesitant about them.
The Constitution of the United States, which was created by the Founding Fathers, does not mention political parties. The Founders believed that “parties, by framing every issue in terms of winners and losers, undermines …show more content…

We have Republicans and we have Democrats, and we have thousands of interest groups that tend to side with one of the two parties. Without these political parties, for example if we had stayed with what the Founders wanted, we would most likely have some sort of anarchy where nothing ever got done. Like what was said in the article How American Politics Went Insane by Jonathan Rauch “If the Constitution were all we had, politicians would be incapable of getting organized to accomplish even routine tasks. Every day, for every bill or compromise, they would have to start from scratch, rounding up hundreds of individual politicians and answering to thousands of squabbling constituencies and millions of voters. By itself, the Constitution is a recipe for chaos.” It is hard to imagine a country now without political parties, but we can hypothesize about what the effects might be. Political parties serve a few purposes in our country: they select candidates, they educate the masses who will be voting for those candidates, they help to construct policies that citizens care about, and they assist in the checks and balances of the party that holds power. The United States has approximately 319 million citizens, it would obviously be impossible to satisfy the wishes and needs of every single person, and with that large of a population, political parties to me seem like the best way to adjudicate for everyone. The Founders did believe in checks and balances, which are essential in a government like ours today. Currently, we have a President and party that is Republican and they do and say many things I disagree with, but because of our party system, I know that there are people in our government who are on my side and will stop them before it gets out of

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