What Are The Similarities Between The 1930s And Today

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From the novel to kill a mockingbird we are going to experience some of the economic inequality problems that they have faced and the tolerances that they were going through that time of history. Like the economic classes they face like weather they are poor ,middle class or rich or racist thing that people went through at that time of history.

Some of the similarities in the 1930’s is some of the one we are facing today. Like the people in the 1930’s were facing money problems and they were treated unequal from example:(chapter 2&3 pg 20-24) this is talking about walter cunningham when he came to school he couldn’t afford lunch and he didn’t have any money and miss caroline was trying to give him a nickel for lunch he wouldn’t take it because he would not be able to pay her back and the students were trying to tell her that but she wouldn’t listen to them and we face that today because some of the parents can’t really afford to get them nice things for school and we some of them walking around today and that is a hardship for some people today. …show more content…

Even though those people have faced economical problem or tolerances that they have faced they have went through it over and over again and they went through the worst to make it better they have been treated differently or they have been through things that other people wouldn’t imagine. Or the characters in the book the things they went through a lot of things people wouldn’t usually people wouldn’t go through

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