What Are You Reading These Days?

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1. What are you reading these days?

I have been enamored with the story of Christopher McCandless since John Krakauer first published his story in Outside Magazine in 1993. Recently his sister, Carine McCandless, wrote a book “The Wild Truth” that I am reading. I have found this story compelling since I first read about the wandering soul that set out to view the country, its people, and put aside many of societies influences for a period of time only to meet his demise. The story has evolved where it was first belief that Chris had mistaken a particular toxic plant for one that was edible and died as a result. Now, however a more scientifically fascinating take is that Chris had identified the species correctly but that there was unknown toxicity associated with it and even some ties to some World War II era research. Now, Carine McCandless’ book speaks to the motivation for Chris to leave behind a seemingly charmed life for his “adventure”.

In addition to that I generally read the science pages from the New York Times and the front page of CNN from the web daily.

2. What are you listening to (music, podcasts, refrigerator humming, whatever)?

I generally spend about 6 hours in the car each week. I have been a fan of an ESPN Radio Show podcast The SVP & Russillo show, now just The Russillo show. Shout out to Standford Steve and Outsider Mike. I have two children under the age of 5 and have not had much time to watch sports as much as previously in my life. I

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