What Can We Learn From Source E?

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What is the message of source A? The message that is trying to be conveyed in source A is that people in higher class society were unaware and shocked about how people in the lower class society lived. This is showed on the expression of Lady Justice’s face when Father Tames is introducing his offspring to the fair city of London. The photograph was also Commenting on the state of decay and the health risk of the quality of water around the river.
What can we learn from source E?
What we can learn in source E is that during the Victorian era there was class system: this is shown in the photograph. We can clearly see that people who had a lot of money boarded at the front of the train (where it was more comfortable and expensive) and people who had just about no money boarded at the back of the train (where it was cheap and cramped). The second photograph represents the middle class who weren’t exactly impoverished but did make enough money to live in some comfort. This shows that in the Victorian era, unfair justice was happening to many people.
How is source B supported by Source C?
Source B relates to Source C, because it gives us a description of the discomfort, restraint and pain which they had to endure while wearing the corset. The pain and discomfort is not showed in Source B, when you are looking at the photograph, but when you read Source c you get an idea of how awkward the corsets were to wear .They were depicted as un-…
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