What Caused The Fall Of Rome

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Rome had a very successful empire, but unfortunately every good thing has to come to an end and I will explaining how the great Roman Empire came to an end. Of course, one thing didn’t cause the Fall of Rome there were many important issues that caused the end of Roman Domination of Europe. One of the most important issues were bad emperors. The most notorious Roman emperors were Caligula and Nero. Caligula was a very crazy man and wasn’t okay in the head, that would be a perfect explanation of why he appointed his favorite horse as consul instead of appointing a human being as consul. Nero was just downright evil he persecuted Christians and was blamed for setting a big fire that destroyed much Rome. Another cause was economic issues. Taxes were going higher because the huge military establishment. Farmers eventually abandoned their land. The middle class turned severely poor because of these heavy taxes. The population even sunk because diseases were spreading and a lot of soldiers were killed in wars. This was a very serious cause to the fall of this Empire because a lot of soldiers were killed and Rome needed soldiers to fight and I will tell you how they got more soldiers, this was also not a…show more content…
These soldiers weren’t loyal and taxes got even higher in order to pay these soldiers. Many of these soldiers were German citizens. A lot of these soldiers were not loyal to Rome and they were only in it for the money.
Rome totally fell in 476 and easter Rome became the Byzantine empire. Rome’s roads disappeared but Christianity was still relevant in that age but many cultures were later taken over by German customs and languages. The most important cause of the Fall of Rome in my opinion was the little attacks, these attacks were constantly happening and Rome was starting to constantly getting blindsided by these attacks which led to the invaders getting to Rome’s empire and weakening its
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