What Controls Your Life?

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F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, was in a constant battle of what he wanted to be and what he needed to be to satisfy the world around him. He conflicted with money and what money could buy. He wasn’t “rich” enough to substantiate his lover’s needs and so it was a constant obstacle for him. How was he to accomplish anything if he didn’t have the funds to do so? He thought by joining the war (WWI), he could become a man of success and prove himself to the one he loved, but the results were he lost his chance to become a man of value. And with that, is his obsession to make something of himself. The Great Gatsby was just a mere repeat of his life. During the course of The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald was trying to warn us against allowing our past and our social environment to define our life through the use of compound-complex and simple sentences. The story line of the Great Gatsby follows Jay Gatsby, born into poverty and working his way up the social ladder to impress the girl he was with five years ago. He lives in the most extravagant house in West Egg. How could he afford such an expensive house? He is in the bootlegging business and wants to reconcile with Daisy Buchannan, his lover from years ago. For these last years, Gatsby was working towards the moment when he can meet Daisy once again and it ultimately consumes his life. Nick Carraway, Gatsby’s neighbor and later his friend notices Gatsby’s fixation on the past and tries to point it out to him. “He

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