Tinder Profile Essay

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What do you like about my Tinder profile photos?
I like that your profile photos show a wide variety of interests! From going to a masquerade party to jogging in the woods, your profile photos show a really interesting and well rounded person. I also like that your photos show that you care about your health and fitness. That’s a great quality to have!

What don’t you like about my Tinder profile photos?
My biggest issue with your current profile photos is that some of them aren’t a very good quality. Particularly photos 3 and 4, the image is quite blurry, so it’s hard to see you clearly. If I was swiping through your profile and couldn’t get a clear idea of what you looked like, I’d likely just swipe left. I also don’t like that you have two shirtless profile pictures. You clearly are in great shape, but two shirtless pictures comes across as vain. While you should be proud of what great shape you are in, I think one picture would communicate that just as well, and seem less vain.

What do you think about my profile description (or what could I say)?
Personally, I do think you should write a short description! For me, a great description can make or break a profile. If I’m looking at a guy’s Tinder profile, and can’t really decide if I want to swipe left or right, frequently the description is my deciding factor. If a guy doesn’t have a profile description, I tend to think he’s probably not that interesting, so I’ll swipe left.

As for what you should write, I think a good

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