What Does Geography Mean To Me Research Paper

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Geography in the 21st century has many different meanings depending on the individual. To me, however, geography basically means the study of the world. Upon closer inspection, geography has many unique characteristics that defines it as a scientific subject. Geography has two different aspects which focuses on different areas such as human geography, which I personally took last semester, and this geography deals with studying cultures, societies, and economies. The other geography is physical geography which focuses on the physical landscapes and environment. Initially, the geography I thought of was physical geography. Geography allows us to be more knowledgeable about different places around the world, the communities within each place and how …show more content…

Teaching this scientific subject relies on using the technology available to us today, such as Google Earth to explore around the world and virtual reality programs to personally “traverse” to the place and see it with our own eyes. Exploration is an utmost important aspect of geography and with the use of today’s technologies, exploring is easier to come by. Researchers are able to use Google Earth to document their findings and attempt to explain what is currently occurring across the Earth as well as what those occurrences will mean for the future. Similarly, mapping is another important tool for geography as I have learned in class. Satellite imagery can scan the face of the earth, producing topographic information that highly goes into depth of, for example, the water levels in the area or the amount of deforested areas. By using these kinds of information, environmentalists and other researchers can predict the future outcomes of predicaments and study upon how to mitigate the hazardous effect from occurring or to simply prevent it from

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