What Does It Mean To Say All Men Are Created Equal Essay

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America is primarily defined by inequality, contrary to popular belief. The quote “all men are created equal” is an excellent example. At the time the Declaration of Independence was being written, gender roles were widely distanced by a social apartheid fueled by gender based superiority complexes. Women were regarded as inferior and thus lacked the same rights as men. While it may look like a basic generalization, the phrase “all men are created equal” really did not apply to all human beings in general. It was a straightforward statement directed solely to men, as women lacked political autonomy at the time until the 1920s onward. If America was truly defined by freedom and equality, the social and political divide between men and women …show more content…

The same values that America struggles to uphold is once again shot down and challenged by an evolved variant of the social and political apartheid that America has always faced. It seems that whenever America attempts to close the gap between two demographic groups, another gap is simultaneously expanded. Freedom and equality reach a point of stagnancy and limits, and the definition of America becomes more obscure and ironically undefined. This can be best observed within the borders of the American landscape, as political stances clash left and right in an attempt to clarify just what exactly America is, what it stands for, and why it even stands for such things. America is supposedly defined by freedom yet there have been public condonation of violence towards certain general groups of people by people who claim to stand for freedom. Rather than freedom or equality, America is defined by double standards and hypocrisy, as groups such as the Black Lives Matter organization claim to support the racially oppressed despite members outright calling for unneeded violence towards police officers. Such traits do not befit a nation that claims to be based on equality, let alone freedom, especially if the nation’s internal problems are at an all-time

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