What Does Kino Change In The Pearl By John Steinbeck

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In The Pearl, written by John Steinbeck, the main character, Kino, has to take care of his family amidst the his poverty when things take a turn for the worse when Kino’s son gets bitten by a scorpion. While seeking a way of payment for a doctor, Kino discovers the Pearl of the World, which leads to his the people of his and the town seeing him in a different way. All of the events in the story lead to the progression of the view of Kino’s character from Animal, to Man, and then back to animal through the eyes of these peers. To start off the novel, the author tells the reader that Kino, along with his people, are treated like and thought of as animals. Early in the novel, the author states that Kino could “He could kill the man more easily than he could talk to him, for all of the doctor’s race spoke to all of Kino’s race as if they were simple animals,” (Steinbeck Page 9). In this quote, the author implies that the people of the town, which includes the doctor, consider Kino and his race to be less intelligent than themselves. This is the reason that the doctor’s race speaks to Kino’s race as they are animals; they feel that Kino’s race is not intelligent enough to understand what they are saying. Later in the chapter, the doctor says while talking about Kino’s son, “‘I am a doctor, not a veterinary,’” (Steinbeck Page 11). By stating this, the doctor is implying that he considers the Kino and his family to be animals. Veterinarians treat animals, so by saying that he does

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