What Energy should be Considered for the Future?

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As we move ahead in time, the population growth rate is increasing at an exponential rate. As a result of this the energy demand is increasing as well. To meet this demand, more and more energy is being generated. Conventional energy sources like natural gas and coal has been the main sources of energy production. At the rate we are going, these sources will be depleted very soon. These sources contribute to a major portion of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the power industry. It is about time that everyone start looking towards the sustainable practices or sources that contribute to GHG emission reductions and prevent natural resource depletions. Everyone is now interested in the idea of "Going Green" and this is the right way to go. Residential as well as industrial energy consumers are becoming more and more attracted towards green energy. Energy produced from sources like solar and wind have minimum environmental footprint and these sources do not deplete like conventional sources. With the enactment of facilities like net metering and various tax incentives, people are getting more encouraged towards investing in these sources. CO2 emission related problem is a major culprit for the increasingly degrading air quality and power industry is considered a major culprit for this. In case of United States, Kansas holds the 27th position in terms of CO2 emission by the power industry [1]. Coal has

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