What Has Been The Most Important Event In Their Life

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1. Give a brief introduction about your person. Who are they, what do they do, where do they live, what is important to them, etc.?
As Small explained, Palu or Emma is the one who left her family to live her own life and dreams. She was one of the daughters of Atu. At one point, she worked at a credit union due to her father and his connections. There, she made about $5 which is decent. Overtime, she worked her way up to become the secretary. Palu did not like the job. Her only reason for staying is the money she gets from Atu which is $20 and the allowance from her job as secretary which is $30. Currently, Emma, "she prefers to be called by her American name," lives in The United States along with her non-Tongan boyfriend Greg. Her first part time job in the us was "work in a mailroom" where she made $10 an hour (Small 93).
2. What has been the most important event in their life and why?
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Within two years in her part time job, she managed to accumulate money to pay for a "used car" and "her own apartment" (Small 94). without this migration, she would continue to live as the "quiet and dutiful child" of Atu and Malia (Small 88). In America, she learned how to fend for herself. She did not enjoy the fact that a Tongan elderly was taking advantage of her modesty. She used to let her borrow money in which took "a year and few months" to pay back. She would buy food for herself and the lady and they would eat together. Now, they alternate in buying lunch which seemed to prove to be "more equal" (Small
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