What I Learned in My Drugs in the U.S. Society Class Essay

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In order to humor my drunk Uncle Cletus, I guess I can try and explain and semester worth of material in one conversation; I mean it will be just like finals and trying to remember a semesters worth of material in one night. Well here goes nothing; this semester in Drugs in U.S. Society we outlined our culture of drugs through the systemic model, economics of the drug world, drug lifestyles and national and international drug polices. Okay Uncle Cleatus put down your drink and try and pay attention. The systemic model of drugs can be understood as the way in which drugs and violence are related to one another. There are three primary counter parts of this relationship: economics of the drug world, drug lifestyles, and national and …show more content…

Most people do not realize that drug addict’s function on society everyday, social judgment clouds our minds and we often forget these drug addicts have responsibilities and other people to take care of. Uncle Cleatus looks confused he asks “so you are saying its okay to do drugs then,” no I am saying that drugs have become a part of peoples daily life. Some people’s lifestyles revolve around maintaining and controlling their drug habits. Unlce Cleatus responds with “oh, okay I get it, but then how do these druggies pay for their fix?” If a person is somehow able to maintain a drug lifestyle, eventually they begin to feel the financial pressure or as Uncle Cleatus so articulately asked “how do these druggies pay for their fix?” Most users claim they only wanted to try it once, they drug was offered to them so why not give it a try? Well giving it a try has now developed into a full-blown addiction where they drugs are no longer free and the user must figure out a way to pay for this habit. Criminal behavior often comes as a result of drug use in order to pay for the drugs themselves. Some one who had never been involved in illegal activity can suddenly find themselves stealing and doing all sorts of illegal things for dug money. Crime becomes an everyday occurrence whether the person is buying or selling drugs to support their addiction, it is all for the same end game; to get high off something. Through

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